Coscto gas station will worsen congestion at Wheaton mall -- Gazette.Net


Westfield Wheaton shopping mall store owners should oppose the toll plaza-size gas station Costco proposes to build inside the mall [“Costco makes its case for gas station at Wheaton mall,” May 2].

This gas station will not encourage more customers to visit their stores but will drive them away. Shoppers will be discouraged because thousands of new car trips to the gas station will cause frustratingly long wait times to exit the mall.

Costco will point to a traffic study they paid for that indicates otherwise. While I’m not a traffic engineer, my family has shopped at the mall for over 30 years. We know how frustrating it is to navigate around the mall, even as it is under-utilized, and then exit through the intersections to get home.

Any approach claiming that improved signal timing and light changes can rectify these shortcomings is dubious.

Unless Costco has agreed to build a new exit for the mall that accesses north and southbound Georgia Avenue, the addition of a gas station inside the mall is bad business for everyone.

Pete Wilson, Wheaton