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Faith M. Loudon

Name: Faith Loudon
Address: 8412 Garland Rd., Pasadena, Md. 21122
Neighborhood of residence: Lake Shore
Date of birth: 12/27/38
Occupation: Retired
Education: Arundel high School, Attended University. of Maryland
Marital status, children: Married, 3 Children, 7 grandchildren
Number of years you have been a city resident: 51
Previous elected/campaign experience: Republican Central Committee of Anne Arundel County
30 years involved in every election in Anne Arundel County
Committee/board memberships: PTA President, Boy Scout Board, AA. CTY Children's Council, MFRW Board member, Many Boards in my community, Church Committees, Sang with National Christian Choir for 28 years.
Website: www.FaithLoudon.com
Email address: Faith@FaithLoudon.com
Facebook/Twitter: Faith Loudon for Congress/FaithLoudon

Q: What are your top three priorities if elected?


2) Limit Government intervention in our lives

3) Protect our Borders

Q: Discuss your views on the role of the federal government in stimulating the economy. How would you seek to change this if elected?

A: Get rid of Regulations that are Over burdening businesses. Lower taxes on businesses

Q: Assess the performance of the incumbent who now holds the seat you're seeking. Discuss a decision he/she made that you disagree with. (For sitting members, assess your performance over the most recent term. Is there a decision you regret after having time to reflect on its result?)

A: Voted to extend debt limit, voted for $800,000,000 failed stimulus bill

Q: Do you believe No Child Left Behind should be reauthorized? If so, what needs to be changed? Assess the law's effectiveness.

A: No, It may have started with good ideas, but teacher and counselor think it has failed, because teacher have to teach to the tests and neglect subjects that make the students think.

Q: National politics have become more divisive over the past several years. In what way can you work to bring more a more collaborative approach to federal government?

A: Listen yo all points of view. This administration has caused the the conflicts. I was hopeful that Obama would help the situation.

Q: Discuss your approach to federal budgeting. Roughly what percent of spending (and why) should be allocated to the following: defense, health and human services, transportation, education, Social Security?

A: We need to audit ALL of these departments. I believe we should investigate and overall 5% cut in all departments.

Q: How can government ensure optimal health care coverage for all Americans?

A: Empowering employers to be able to provide insurance. And take it with you when you change jobs. TORT REFORM.

Q. How would you address the foreclosure crisis?

A: Government caused it, Government will make it worse. Allow those underwater to refinance at lower interest rates.