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Flux and football are like peas in a pod in high school. Familiar faces graduate, new ones come in; rinse, lather, repeat. The concessions are usually more stable, but Seneca Valley is doing OK. “This is our first year and we had to kind of throw things together,” booster club vice president Mary Heckhaus said. Bully for them, feeding fans isn't rocket science. The powers that be in Seneca concessions may be inexperienced, but at least they're practical. Take their feature item, which was so simple, I wondered why I hadn't tried it before. The “Walking Taco.” Chili, shredded cheddar cheese ... poured on a bag of Fritos and scooped with a spoon. ($3.50) Healthy like a heart attack, but right up my alley. The cheeseburger ($3) was very good, though I think Seneca “grillmaster” Brad Lucas gave me preferential treatment. The home team was hosting a playoff game at 7 p.m., and burgers were on the grill by 4. “I was out at 2:30 p.m. for the Damascus game,” said Lucas, the booster club president. Here's the biggest compliment I can give my meal at Seneca Valley: It's how I ate in college, right before 8 a.m. exams. And I really miss college. Editor's note: This is part of a series where Dan Greenberg is searching for the best concession stand food at Montgomery County's public high schools. The Gazette pays for the meals he samples.