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The Mormon temple in Kensington will undergo repairs to return the tops of four of its more than 200-foot high spires, which fell off during the Aug. 23 earthquake.

Each of the four gold-colored spires lost two, four-foot-long sections off their highest point during the quake, causing minor damage to portions of the temple’s white marble roof, said Wesley Andersen, the temple record. Each piece weighs about 80 to 85 pounds and is made of bronze supported by pressed-steel plates, gilded with gold leaf.

No one was harmed by the fallen spires, Andersen said. The building has remained fully functional since the Aug. 23 earthquake, which measured at 5.8 magnitude by the United States Geological Survey.

This is the first recorded damage to the spires, Andersen said. The highest spire, which reaches 288 feet, on top of which stands a gold figure of an angel, is being examined for damage.

Repairs are expected to continue into November, Andersen said.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as the Mormon church, built the Washington D.C. Temple in Kensington in 1968. The six spires were modeled after the temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, which also has six spires, according to the church’s website. While the Kensington temple is the tallest of all 135 Mormon temples, the one in Salt Lake City is the largest.